FairView Counseling specializes in treating children as young as 3 years old through teens and young adults using play Therapy and play therapy techniques. 

Play therapists at FairView Counseling combine Cognitive Therapy (changing negative thought patterns), Behavioral Therapy (changing negative behaviors through reinforcement), and Interpersonal Therapy (modifying relationships and social functioning through attachment theory) to help a child succeed. 

Filial therapy, sand tray therapy, and Theraplay-informed practice are also utilized.

FairView receives referrals from schools, doctors, guidance counselors, hospitals, and teachers to address:

Anxiety and fears

Depression and sadness

Developmental issues

Grief and loss

Disruptive behaviors


ADHD / executive functioning

PTSD and trauma reactions

Poor academic performance

Family and sibling stress

Emotional disorders

Social withdrawal

Divorce / separation

Communication difficulties

Sensory issues

Autism spectrum disorders

Attachment problems

Bowel and bladder concerns

Selective mutism

Negative home environments

Friendship / relationship conflict

Children love coming to play therapy!